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released July 8, 2015

Chuck Fay, Mike Najarian



all rights reserved


Remote Players Club Las Vegas, Nevada

REMOTE PLAYERS CLUB - a new musical experience featuring former
members of State Radio, Chuck Fay and Mike Najarian as well as other
assorted players from across the universe.
The band will be dropping new tunes periodically over the next
couple months starting NOW. Tour dates will be
announced soon.
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Track Name: Upside Up
Like a moth with no light to love at all, you spin around the abyss
Sail me through this ordinary world, where the hopeless exist
I don't believe that we're animals at all, we come from sun stars above
So be brave and be kind to all alone, you never know who you need till the time comes ...

Time comes …

Baby I know you're OK in there all alone, there's so much for you here
And when we meet under summer sun I know, you'll be all that we wished
Let it out let it in it's all yours, to observe and adorn
And though the night has been cold and so long, I remember the dawn when it comes it will …

Comes it will …

Such a shame that they win, that they win
How could anybody fall in love with this world?

So now we're bored with this buzz and we're moving on to next wilderness
The rolling hills and the deserts pass unharmed, a conditional bliss
Upside up on a lifeline looking out, we're so close to the door
But living among these opiates is hard, I cannot understand but I can stand with ...

Can stand with … can stand with … you.
Track Name: Can't Get A Grip
You had a dream but you gave it away
Holstered eclipse of the sun and the shade
Dirt comin' in on a grave mistake
Can't see the charm for the snake 'cause they're runnin' it all ... ah, they're runnin' it all

Can't get a grip on the sense of slip
Offer no protection when you shoot from the hip
I pass judgement 'cause I made a mistake
Can't see the charm or the snake

Can't get a grip

This channels clearly on a criminal run
My arm is burnin' like a blisterin' sun
Consume it all like the wind to a train
I hurt the middle of the middle 'cause they're runnin' it all ... they're runnin' it all
Rented elections and a tyrannous flood
Obscure collection of the platelets in blood
We raise our flag to the fortunate boy ... and fill the cradle full of toys

Can't get a grip
Can't get a grip
Track Name: Nooseless
When i'm all alone in the pit of my tomb
And i've scratched through nails and bled out
There will be no noose, there will be no womb
There will be no life to bitch about

But just you wait …

And in my darkest hour it has come again
This sun has no mother to dream about
There's nothing worse than nothing, there's nothing worse than me
There's nothing worse than having no way out

But just you wait ...
Track Name: Rest Of My Time
Slow steady yawning and vultures above
One last long highway to make it on home
And these hollow memories are painful to bear

With the rest of my time, the best of my mind

A rest stop of fairy tales and stones from above
About face a criminal with nothing but

The rest of my time, the best of my mind

The rest of my time, the best of my life, the rest of my time

Only you and a place to be is what I require